ABout Chelsey

Chelsey Barhorst creates photographs that reflect genuine moments of intimacy and joy.

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My photographs document authentic interactions and emotions of the event through the use of both film and digital mediums.

While my imagery is soft and feminine, it's also honest and raw. I infuse my clients' personality into their images and that is exactly who you want in your corner on your wedding day.

“Chelsey was able to capture stunning moments from the weekend and we have not been able to stop looking at our photographs.”

Lauren, bride

Obsessed with wildflowers. Lover of lipstick and last minute weekend trips. Speaks in humor, wittiness, and tons of laughter. The friend who will plan out an entire vacation but can also ditch it all for a day poolside. Flexible and fun – just as a wedding photographer should be.


“What an incredibly talented, organized, and loving photorapher!”


“Working with Chelsey was everything we could have hoped for – and more.”

BLAKE, Groom

“From start to finish I would give her 10 stars (5 stars aren’t enough!)”

HANNAH, bride

Chelsey leads clients through the entire photographic process in order to get them comfortable in front of the camera. Always focused on her clients’ needs, she works seamlessly to bring a comfortable yet crafted approach to wedding photography.


“She makes you feel like you are taking photos with your best friend.”

Lauren, bride

“Chelsey felt like part of the family. We HIGHLY recommend her.”

Chris, Groom

“Highly recommended. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Nick, Groom