5 Reasons to Hire a Husband & Wife Wedding Photography Team

There are many benefits to hiring a husband and wife wedding photographer team. While there are many Cincinnati wedding photographers, there are only a few husband and wife photography teams! When you’re choosing a photographer there are many things to consider besides how much you like someone’s photos. You have to have chemistry, get along with them, and feel comfortable! While most photographers offer “second shooters,” many times you don’t know who you’re going to get until they show up on your wedding day. Below are 5 reasons it’s great to hire a husband and wife wedding photography team!

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1. Husband and wife teams know each other’s wants and needs on a wedding day without even saying a word.

When you live with someone, work with someone, and spend every single photograph session with someone, they know what you’re looking for without even saying it. Jordan can hand me lenses with his eyes closed and I have it switched out on my camera body before I even needed to ask for it. When I’m directing a large bridal party on a hot day Jordan will get me water without even asking and vice versa. We are never “at odds” creatively on a wedding day because we BOTH take responsibility and know what the end goal is. 

2. You get a man and a woman photographer guaranteed.

Let’s face it, while either sex can 100% do the job, having both sexes is a HUGE positive. The groomsmen typically feel very comfortable with Jordan and the ladies feel more comfortable with Chelsey shooting them during intimate or private parts of the wedding day. 

3. You get two drastically different perspectives.

While Chelsey is the main shooter and posing director, Jordan works more silently to get the moments that may slip through the cracks. Typically in a marriage one person is more outgoing (Chelsey) and the other is usually more reserved (Jordan). You’re able to get the benefits of having both on your wedding day! We are also able to communicate flawlessly, whereas a photographer may not be as comfortable to direct a “second shooter” the way that they need to. 

4. Consistency.

Because we BOTH own the business, we both care deeply about the way things are done. We have a process, a core value, very clear standards for how we interact with clients, and an extremely high standard for the work that is produced. When you get a second shooter many things may be inconsistent- from the way the second shooter treats and interacts with clients as well as the quality of work produced. Unfortunately there’s no way to tell before your wedding day, as many second shooters aren’t hired until a few months before. 

5. We fully and whole-heartedly believe in the institution of marriage.

Having been through a wedding ourselves, we understand budgets, planning, timelines, working with vendors, and all the stress that comes with planning a wedding. We can relate to what you’re going through and help you troubleshoot as needed. Beyond that, we truly love marriage. Our ultimate goal is to produce timeless imagery that impacts your marriage for the better. 

Jordan and I both absolutely love what we do, who we meet, and the people that impact us on a daily basis. We are so lucky to be able to work together as full time wedding photographers as well as be married to one another. If you’re looking for someone to photograph your wedding, we would love to hear more about your big day- click here!

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At the end of the day, no matter who you choose, we encourage you to hire the photographer whose images make you feel something and that you love as a person. We know budgets are tough and everybody has them, but we encourage you to keep an open mind and not choose one based on price. You get what you pay for and we truly believe that wedding photography is the most important investment on your wedding day.