Why Your Venue Coordinator Isn’t What You Think

Okay, friends. We’re going to show you the benefits of a wedding planner today. BUT we’re going to be hitting you with some truth bombs…

Your venue coordinator isn’t a planner. 

Your mom isn’t a planner.

Your aunt isn’t a planner.

You’re not a planner.

I know you think your mom, aunt, and venue “day of coordinator” have it handled, but we assure you that they do not. There are so many benefits of a wedding planner.

A lot of couples think they’re an unnecessary expense but we want to show you why that simply is NOT true! 

Most couples have a venue coordinator who may tell you that they’re basically a wedding planner. Unfortunately this usually isn’t the case.

They’re there to first and foremost protect the venue and have their interests at heart- not their couples exclusively. Their role is to tell your bridal party when to enter the venue and cue the caterers on when to start dinner service.

Some assist with some design processes, but this is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to wedding coordination and design. 

This venue coordinator is still greatly needed. But a wedding planner does so much more than that. 

benefits of a wedding planner

We are of the firm belief that ever couple needs a wedding planner and here’s why: 

1. They can save you money

A lot of wedding planners have special relationships with the vendors they LOVE. Because of this, they can take your budget for each category and find you the best of the best within that budget. They know a lot more people and vendors than you do and can quickly sort through your options for you.

This can actually SAVE you money in so many areas of planning. Not only that, they actually help you figure out what you truly value and find the best options for you with what you prioritize. By utilizing their vendors, you can actually recoup the cost of the planner itself.

benefits of a wedding planner

2. They have amazing design services

Most of us aren’t designers by nature. And that’s okay! We all have talents! Wedding designers can help take your dreams and far succeed your reality of what you want. They’re able to do this FOR you, contacting all vendors, conducting meetings  on your behalf, and present you with design options that you didn’t even know were possible.

Design by Rooted Together Events

3. Stress Reliever

I don’t know who needs to hear this, but your aunt, mom, bridesmaid, and photographer are not your day of coordinator. Neither is the “day of coordinator” that your venue includes when you book them. 

There are a MILLION things that need to happen on the day of the wedding behind the scenes and each person we listed above has other jobs and tasks that need to get done. When you hire a planner, not only is your design executed beautifully, but your entire wedding day goes smoothly. 

Design by Tyler Speier Events

Your friends and family can enjoy the day fully and your photographer will be able to do what he/she was hired to do… take photos! There are so many other things a planner can do for you… design your space, conceptualize florals and table settings, and decorate like you wouldn’t believe. 

When you hire a planner/designer, you will thank yourself later.

PS. Don’t worry if you’ve already booked some (or all) of your vendors. Your planner can still help with design services and event management. Let us know if you have any questions OR if you need some planner recommendations! There are even more benefits of a wedding planner that we’d love to share with you.

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