How to Style Wedding Day Details

Photographing wedding day details can feel overwhelming! Everyone has seen those gorgeous flat lays featured in magazines and wedding inspiration blogs. But how do you find time (and most importantly, quality details!) to create something like THAT on a wedding day? Not everyone has the opportunity to shoot $100,000 weddings every weekend – but the details of the day are crucial to the Bride & Groom, and represent one of the most important days of their lives. It’s important that we not only capture those details, but make them POP and be something the couple looks back on with joy when they see these photos in their albums.

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Wedding Day Details Style Guide

Ain’t No One Got Time For That!

Yes you do! When we think about the flow of the wedding day, we think the details are one of the most important parts for the photographer to capture. Because of this, we try to schedule in at least an hour to take our time, style everything to perfection, and move on with the day. Doing this is easy, you just have to know how to go about it. Some photographers are worried that their couples won’t want to allot an hour out of their timeline for details, but we find that isn’t the case! If you have two shooters with you, one of them can be photographing the girls or guys “getting ready” while the other is photographing the details. If our couples question the hour needed to do details, we explain that this much time allows us to tell the full story of their day in a styled, curated way that will help their gallery and album look gorgeous.

One way your bride and groom can help out is to know that you’re going to start the day by shooting details. Have them (or their maid-of-honor, or someone else who will be in the room when you arrive) gather all of the details and put them in a box or plastic bag. This way you’ll be able to start shooting details immediately after saying your Hello’s for the day! It also doesn’t hurt to have them ask the florist for a couple extra flower clippings for your flat lays – this will help tie in the theme of the day, which is exemplified in the florals!

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What Should We Be Shooting?

Great question! Details differ from wedding to wedding, but you should always have a shot list in mind before starting. Having a plan will help you utilize your time as efficiently as possible, and getting as much information about the details ahead of time will help you draw inspiration before you show up for the day. In general, we always shoot the following:

  • Invitation Suite
  • Shoes
  • Dress
  • Jewelry
  • Bouquet
  • Groom Details

Many brides will have other details that may or may not mean a lot to them. Try to capture the sentimental details as best as possible, and if you’ve got time, include the others as well. Again, having a plan of attack will help you shoot these details quickly, but also with creativity and professionalism. 

Want More Details?

We’ve created a Wedding Day Details mini-guide that includes everything we contemplate when shooting details on a wedding day. We go over our approach to shooting each type of detail, how to show the value of stunning detail shots to your brides & grooms, and we talk about what’s in our mobile styling kit, a little purple suitcase filled with ribbon, backdrops, and other little touches that take our detail shots from ‘Good’ to ‘Great’!

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