Why Every Bride Needs a Wedding Planner

Listen ladies! We are of the firm belief that EVERY bride needs a wedding planner. We all understand there’s this big “B” word we don’t like talking about… BUDGET. However, we are convinced having a wedding planner can actually help you. There are amazing Cincinnati Wedding Planners in our area. We have a few reasons why you should hire one of them! 

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Tip 1: They SAVE you money! 

A lot of wedding planners have special relationships with the vendors they LOVE. Because of this, they can take your budget for each category and find you the best of the best within that budget. They know a lot more people and vendors than you do and can quickly sort through your options for you. This can actually SAVE you money in so many areas of planning. 

Tip 2: They have options for everyone. 

While not everyone can afford or needs a full-service planner, most Cincinnati Wedding Planners have various tiered packages to meet any need such as month of planning, day-of setup and coordination, or even virtual planning! Time is so valuable and most of our brides do not have time to contact every single vendor the month of their wedding. 

Tip 3: Day of Stress Reliever

Ladies…I don’t know who needs to hear this, but your aunt, mom, bridesmaid, and photographer are not your day of coordinator. Neither is the “day of coordinator” that your venue includes when you book them. There are a MILLION things that need to happen on the day of the wedding behind the scenes and each person I listed above has other jobs and tasks that need to get done. When you hire a person to do day-of coordination, your entire wedding day goes so much more smoothly. Your friends and family can enjoy the day fully and your photographer will be able to do what he/she was hired to do… take photos!

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There are so many other things a planner can do for you… design your space, conceptualize florals and table settings, and decorate like you wouldn’t believe. Here are a few of our favorite planners in Cincinnati:

Eva and Co.

Borrowed Time Events

Samantha Joy

Maura Bassman

Shoot them a message today to inquire about their services!

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