3 Ways to Maximize Your Wedding Florals Budget

There’s a B word that everyone hates when planning their wedding… BUDGETS!!! Everyone has one. However, we don’t feel like you need to sacrifice your wedding florals at the expense of your budget! A lot of times, your flowers can actually enhance and help a budget on a wedding and we are going to teach you how. 

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There are a lot of fantastic Cincinnati florists, but we absolutely love the wedding florals that Roots Floral Design produces! Their florals are organic, romantic, and have a touch of whimsy! They shared some thoughts with us about how to make the most of your floral budget. We think there are a few places to focus on your florals:

1. Your Bridal Bouquet 

Kaytee from Roots Floral Design, in Cincinnati, Ohio, states that “Hands down, your bridal bouquet is the most important floral element of your wedding day. Your bridal bouquet will be in almost every single photo taken. In the most precious moments with your significant other and family, you will be holding your bouquet.” 

We couldn’t agree more! From a photography perspective, your bouquet sets the stage for the overall tones, colors, and images for your wedding gallery. It creates a color story and helps set the stage for what your album design will look like. In addition to this, your bridal portraits will be stunning and the bouquet will enhance your images. 

2. Your Ceremony Space 

Kaytee suggests, “Although your ceremony will be the most important part of your wedding day, it will also be the shortest. Finding that balance will be key in ensuring money is well spent on your ceremony flowers. Even though your ceremony is short, we still recommend having flowers. For the same reason as your bridal bouquet; your ceremony flowers will be in every photo from when you say your vows.”

A great option here is a really cool ceremony arch! You can actually use this arch in your bridal party, family, and bride and groom portraits to get the most bang for your buck. A lot of people also take their ceremony arch and repurpose it at their reception! This is a great place to be specific with your flowers while also saving money. 

3. The Reception 

We totally agree with Kaytee about reception flowers! She says, “From a florist’s point of view, the reception is where a couple should spend the majority of their flower budget.  Although our couples don’t always agree that reception flowers should be high on the priority list, we encourage that their table designs be thoughtful and impactful. Consider the big picture, as well as making sure your guests have a beautiful centerpiece to look at.”

If you cannot afford to adorn every single table in flowing, lush flowers, another option is to deck out your head table! If you focus on that being above-and-beyond beautiful with hanging greenery, overflowing center florals, and beautiful table settings, it can be a great statement piece for your guests. Then, you can choose smaller floral centerpieces for each table that compliment the larger head table.

No matter where your wedding floral priorities lie, having a fantastic florist on your team who understands your vision, your goals, and your overall aesthetic is incredibly important. Check out the amazing Cincinnati Florist, Roots Floral Design for your next event! 

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