You guys are on YouTube?!

“So… you guys are hopping on the YouTube train?”

Why yes, yes we are! It’s no surprise for those of you who know me (Chelsey) that I LOVE TO TALK. Seriously, I could talk to a stranger for hours! 

We love sharing our knowledge we’ve gained over the last four years in the photography industry and a great way to do that is pop up a camera and video ourselves! It’s faster than writing out all the information (although I do enjoy writing too) and you guys get to see our personalities! 

We aren’t all knowing … I mean really… who is? But we have photographed a lot of weddings, engagements, and many other clients in-between. We have picked up a bag of tricks along the way that we genuinely enjoy sharing. 

Maybe it’s because I used to be a middle-school teacher, but I miss it. I miss seeing the light bulb go off in someone’s head when they figure something out. When a photographer couldn’t quite nail a posing system or lighting situation. But because of the help we give them, they do. It’s amazing to watch someone’s work improve overnight. 

I know it feels like there are a million photography educators in our industry. I really do. It’s the elephant in the room, right? 

HOWEVER, we really believe we have something different to offer the world. We are Chelsey & Jordan. We provide a unique experience for our photography clients. We edit our photos in a way that makes our hearts happy. We teach others in a way that’s best for them. We are IN YOUR CORNER. Seriously. We are your biggest cheerleaders, advocates, and we care about where you go in this industry. 

So while there are amazing mentors, photographers, and educators out there, we believe we have a place in that world. We have something to offer. So we are channeling that with YouTube! It’s quick, easy, and you’re able to hear and SEE content and education. We cannot wait to get started. 

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