How to Be Confident in Your Posing

We remember what it was like in the beginning. We would quickly glance at Pinterest before we started a session to try and memorize how to pose our couples during their engagement session and on the wedding day. That’s NOT the way to live as a professional photographer! We quickly realized something had to change… 

Do you struggle to…

– Feel confident going into photo sessions? 
– Remember a posing system when photographing couples? 
– Get authentic emotion in your couples? 
– Get your clients to loosen up and not look stiff? 
– Have FUN while photographing? 

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We realized that we needed to be able to utilize our time more efficiently during sessions and on wedding days. It’s our JOB to have very clear systematized posing and know how to pose our couples in order to achieve a beautiful, flattering, and intimate gallery for our clients. 

In order to do this, a system is necessary. That’s where this guide comes in. We teach you exactly how to nail a series of standard poses but we also have specific variations within those poses so that nothing feels “stiff” and you have more than 5 poses to lean back on. 

On a wedding day do you… 

– Feel anxious during bride & groom portraits? 
– Run behind during portraits? 
– Lock up and re-use the same pose over and over? 
– Struggle to get intimate and romantic posing? 

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Sometimes, as wedding photographers, we only have a few minutes on a wedding day to capture as many bride and groom portraits as we can. If you do not have a system for how to pose your clients, you’ll leave feeling like you fell short. That you couldn’t deliver what you wanted to. 

So if you’ve ever thought to yourself “If I just had more time…” This guide is for you. You’ll gain confidence when photographing sessions, create a space for intimate and real moments to occur, always have something else “in your back pocket” for when you run out of ideas, and have FUN. Your couples WILL rave about how great you made them feel and how excited they are to see the images. Comfortable, clear posing systems allow this to happen! 

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How to pose couples
How to pose couples
How to pose couples
How to pose couples
How to pose couples