5 Ways to Provide Exceptional Photography Client Experience

Photographers, do you struggle to provide an exceptional photography client experience that gets clients RAVING about you? Have you heard that you need to provide an exceptional value for your cost and you’re just not sure how to do so? Today’s blog post is going to be talking all about how to provide your client with an exceptional experience and BLOW them away with their photographic interactions with you. Here are 5 ways to provide an exceptional photography experience to ALL clients!

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1. Under-Promise and Over-Deliver 

You’ve probably heard this one before, but that’s because it’s tried and true. You can do this in SO. MANY. AREAS. If you say your response time is 48 hours, respond in 24. If you say they get 50 engagement session images, give 75. Any area that you find that you’re serving your clients, find little ways to surprise them and show them that you’re going above and beyond to provide a great experience. Other examples of this include a free 8X10 print, 30 extra minutes of reception coverage, and upgrades to their album! You can absolutely still provide these “over-delivery” services if you’re priced correctly and are being compensated for your time. But that’s another blog post for another day! 

2. Provide Education 

More than likely, your couple has not been married before. This means that they do NOT know how to plan a wedding with photography in mind! I hear photographers often complain that their couples aren’t choosing great details, beautiful bridal suites, or pretty florals; But more often than not it’s because they don’t know what’s important! As photographers, we know a great bridal shoe, a beautifully designed invite suit, a bridal room with natural light, and gorgeous florals are so important to the overall look of the day, but we have to educate our clients. A great platform for this is Instagram and a bridal guide! Use your captions and your audience to TEACH your clients what’s important for photography on their wedding day. We teach our brides everything from how to dress for engagement sessions, to providing our favorite vendors in town, to why the first look is important. You’re also providing SO much value to your couple that they weren’t expecting. While it’s not in our job description to help plan weddings, it certainly makes our jobs easier and provides a GORGEOUS gallery for your client. 

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3. Be Over-The-Top Helpful 

Wedding days are stressful. There’s no doubt about that. So many times there is extra help needed. If you lend a helping hand, instead of standing there and just watching the chaos happen, you’re likely not going to get any great shots and you won’t be able to make a great impression. Not that making an impression is the goal- we always want to actually be genuine when we help out. One time a wedding was running over an hour behind and they were incredibly overwhelmed with the setup. Jordan set his camera down for over an hour and hauled ice, and set up table centerpieces while I did the bride’s hair. These are obviously not our jobs but we went above and beyond to help this couple out. I can guarantee they won’t forget that experience with us. 

4. Provide a Luxury Album Service 

This is a big one! We are big believers in the idea that wedding photos should not live online. Because of this, we want every single couple to receive an album. Many photographers provide this service, but don’t make it an experience. Our sneak peek to the couple after the wedding is actually their album slideshow. This sets the stage for what they’ll be receiving- their album is already designed for them! Most couples are WAY too busy to even think about designing their own album so we, as the professionals, need to do this for them. It’s part of our artistic responsibility to put the album together the way that we see fit. Once we do this for them, we order a gorgeous and hand-crafted album from Kissbooks that gets delivered directly to them. This heirloom album will be valued and cared for forever- a long and lasting memory of the art in photograph form that you created for their wedding. 

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5. Continue to Pour Into Them After the Wedding to Provide a Great Overall Client Experience

Your clients shouldn’t just be a paycheck or a number to you. To continue valuing them and them to value you, there has to be a relationship present. We continue to invest in each and every one of their lives long after the wedding day- always jumping at the opportunity to photograph maternity sessions and newborns too! We truly care about their wellbeing and wish them nothing but happiness and strong marriages. 

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We hope this helps give you some ideas to provide your clients with an exceptional photography experience with you! Let us know in the comments what your favorite idea is that you’ll try!

how to provide an exceptional photography client experience