Best Camera Lenses for Wedding Photography

We get asked the question a lot: what are the best lenses for wedding photography? We go over everything in our bag here, but we definitely have favorites! Wedding photography requires a specific arsenal of lenses but we shoot predominantly with prime lenses. 

85 mm 1.4

This is hands down our favorite lens. The compression and bokeh on this lens is impeccable. Even though it’s incredibly expensive and not considered an “essential” lens, it’s fantastic for portraits. When this lens is great, it’s GREAT. We don’t use it for ceremonies or extreme low light because it’s not the quickest at focusing. We usually use it for bride and groom portraits. 

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Best lenses for wedding photography

50 mm 1.4 

I LOVE my nifty fifty. If I had to, I could shoot an entire wedding on a 50 mm lens. This lens has pretty good bokeh, very little distortion, and great focus in low light scenarios. It’s lightweight, quick to focus, and captures crystal clear images. It’s great for getting ready spaces, bridal party portraits, bride and groom photos, and detail shots. If I had to pick one lens to have forever, it’d be this one. 

Best lenses for wedding photography

35 mm 1.4

I don’t use the 35 often but it’s essential for wedding photography. I use this lens for really tight getting ready spaces where my 50 isn’t wide enough, large bridal party portraits, and family formals. We also use the 35 to create epic wide shots that show off a landscape or architecture. This lens does get some distortion at the edge but when used properly it can be extremely crisp. 

Best lenses for wedding photography

When you’re getting started in collecting your arsenal of lenses, this list can be a great place to start! We also have a macro lens and a 70-200, but these are the best lenses for wedding photography!

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