What Wedding Photography Gear Do We Use?

A lot of people want to know- what’s in our bag? What wedding photography gear do we use? How do you pack it all? So today we are going to be sharing all of that! 

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Our Camera Bags 

First off, we each carry around a camera-specific backpack. These aren’t the cutest things in the world, but they are SO practical and keep our gear extremely safe. They’re also incredibly affordable compared to a lot of camera bags. This is one of the most important investments for your wedding photography gear.

Camera Bodies

We both shoot on a Nikon D850 body with a Nikon D750 as a backup. We also bring with us a Pentax 645n medium-format film camera body with a 75mm lens as well as a Nikon f100 35 mm film camera body. We predominantly use Fuji 400h and Portra 800 film stocks. 


We have an arsenal of lenses that we love! We shoot exclusively with prime lenses. While there definitely can be a time and places for zoom lenses, they just aren’t for us. We may invest in a 70-200 at some point, but we have yet to really need one to justify the price! 


My absolute favorite is the Nikon 85mm 1.4 AF lens. It’s so creamy, dreamy, and the compression and bokeh is out of this world beautiful. I use this for bride and groom portraits and some reception detail shots. I also love it for speeches and first dances! Definitely get one of these lenses in your wedding photography gear!


Another lens I couldn’t go without is my nifty 50mm 1.4 AF lens. If I had to shoot an entire wedding with this lens I absolutely could. It also has great bokeh when stopped all the way open and creates beautiful portraits. I use this lens for bridal portraits, getting ready shots, all detail shots, some ceremony, and reception details. 


The lens we use for tight getting ready spaces and landscape shots is the nikon 35mm 1.4 AF lens. When getting ready spaces are tight, this is our go-to. We also love using this for whole bridal party portraits and family formals. It’s not our favorite lens because of the distortion, but it’s a must-have. 


The last lens we use is detail shots and ring shots. We love the Sigma 105mm macro lens. We also use this for ceremony shots and some bride and groom portraits! We use it for approximately 10% of the wedding day but we cannot imagine not having it. 

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Our flash setup will be an entire different post, but we use 2 on-camera flashes and typically one off camera flash. We have several of each in our bag as a back-up. We also use a stand and umbrella. We use one off camera flash each for dark getting ready rooms, dark ceremonies, speeches, cake cutting, and first dances. We each use an on-camera speedlight for open dancing and bridal party entrances. 

Straps and harnesses

I don’t use a strap or harness for detail photos because it tends to get in the way, but during ceremonies and portraits I use a single leather harness from amazon. Jordan uses a basic camera strap around his neck. It’s a fabric one from etsy! 

SD Cards

We use the fastest and most high quality SD cards. We love the Sandisk Extreme Pro cards. We typically shoot on 64 GB cards and go through 6-10 between the two of us. We switch them out often and keep them organized into our waterproof SD card holder

We also ALWAYS bring several extra camera batteries (ordered from amazon) as well as double a batteries for both our film cameras and our flashes. 

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